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ABOUTFinding a home has never been easier!

We want our clients to come to Japan without having to worry about getting everything started on their own.
With our support, we ensure our clients a smooth transition.




Provide us with the prospect’s contact information such as name and e-mail address And we will begin our correspondence with each other. All the information that we attain may be used when signing the housing contract.


  • Welcome Orientation
  1. Orientation

Our services before the client’s arrival

Our services before the client’s arrival

With the provided e-mail address, we begin by sending properties that match our client’s criteria.
This will allow our clients to come to Japan with a few properties already ready to view.


  • Arranging visa transfer with administrative scrivener.
  • Helping with international schooling.
  • Viewing area of interest.
  • Sending samples of properties with the given preferences.
  • Orientation prior to client’s arrivalBasic info about Japan, Housing intro, Recommend necessary documents to bring to Japan (child birth certificate, licenses, medicines, etc.)
  • Introducing serviced apartments.
  • Assisting with hanko (Japanese stamp)
  1. Schools
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Moving in Process
  4. Hospitals

Before our client has chosen home

Before our client has chosen home

Our clients need to live comfortably for the time being. We introduce our clients with high quality serviced apartments to help accommodate them. There are several procedures that we will walk through before signing the lease contract.


  • Personal contracts: Someone with a Japanese nationality must be an emergency contact before sending in an application to reserve a house. Client’s will need the following documents: registered stamp at the ward office inkansyoumeisho, proof of residency juminhyou. Corporate contracts do not require these documents when applying.
  • Acquiring an IC card for transportation.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • In the case of a personal contract, Creating a seal (for personal contract use)
  • Assisting with schooling for children(viewing the academy)we recommend client’s choose the school they would like to have their daughter/ son attend before choosing a new home.
  • Obtaining a mobile device.
  • Viewing properties, discussing rent pricing, giving full support toward working the housing contract.

Opening a Bank Account


■Driving from the airport to the client’s residing area (20,000 yen with tax included)
■Driver’s license transfer or applying for a new one (20,000 yen with tax included)

After deciding on the new home

After deciding on the new home

Utilities will be taken care of before our clients move in. We do not rest until our customer have finally settled into their new home.


  • Registration at the city ward office (change of residence, child allowance)
  • Area orientation (touring around town to find supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, laundry mats, recreational centers, parks, train stations)
  • Applying for all lifelines (Gas, Water, Electricity)
  • Leasing furniture
  1. Registration Child benefits
  2. Electronic appliances
  3. Driving License
  4. Rental Furniture
  5. Hospitals

When departing from Japan

When departing from Japan

Our services do not stop until our clients have returned to their home country. All the necessary procedures when moving out will be taken care of.


  • When moving out, there are procedures that must be done by the client’s themselves. (internet services, closing bank account, cancellation of mobile phone)
  • Cancellation of fire insurance, earthquake insurance, public services.
  • On the day of moving out, there must be a representative present whilst returning the key back to the owner.
  • Guiding through the housing lease cancellation procedure.
  • Negotiate pricing on returning the property back to its original state.

■ Driving from the residing area to the airport (20,000 yen with tax included)

  • Expat Support

    Expat SupportWe at AI Create are already handling expats from well-known companies as well as ambassadors from all over the world.With our competitive pricing, we assure our clients with a wide range of services that are unbeatable by other companies in the same industry.

  • Preliminary Counseling

    Preliminary CounselingWe offer preliminary counseling before the customer’s arrival. This includes, but not limited to:
    ・List of items to bring
    ・Determine best location to reside (near offices or schools)
    ・Introducing price ranges in different areas
    ・Offer schooling advice for children

  • Customer Care

    Customer CareTo ensure our customer has a smooth transition, we provide several services upon moving in. These services include:
    ・Registration at city ward offices
    ・Opening a bank account
    ・Purchasing a phone or SIM card
    ・Obtaining a commuter pass
    ・Leasing or purchasing furniture
    ・Converting driver’s license (additional fee)

  • Moving Out

     Moving OutWe are not finished yet. Once we have received confirmation that the customer will be moving out we make sure all the procedures are done thoroughly. Our support is actively involved up until the keys have been returned and all the deposit fees and damage costs have been settled.

  • Finding a New Home

    Finding a New HomeWith our large database, we will be able to show a vast amount of properties with no limitations on listings. Once a property meets the customer’s preferences; we then translate all the information so that our customers are able to easily understand all the fees and/ or room layouts.

  • Popular Neighborhoods chosen by Expats
  • Living in Tokyo

    Living in TokyoNot everyone has lived in Tokyo before and we understand how it feels to come here not knowing what the rules are. We offer our customers with a simple guidebook to help kick start their new lifestyle here in Japan.



Our goal is to be ‘’number one’’ when it comes to customer satisfaction in Tokyo’s real-estate business.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our company website. First off I want to talk a little bit about how I founded AI-Create. After years of serving as a special agent in the Japanese real estate business; I came to a conclusion that with my experience I’d be able to provide a more “client-oriented” service. Tokyo has world-class rental properties and our company emphasizes on introducing only the finest properties for our clients. Our company goal is simple, to be known as the best luxury real estate broker in Tokyo.


To make things easy, we’ve listed a search engine that will allow you to find
properties  on your own. However we are confident that the properties we find are more than satisfying.


Our staff is well trained and will give you the best results so there is no hassle in trying to find a property on your own. I personally scouted those who are capable of speaking English, and other languages so that there isn’t a language barrier between our staff and our clients. All team members are courteous and will help guide you through the whole process of moving to the big city. We specialize in serving expatriates who are coming from overseas and will care for each individual throughout their stay.


Our service is as follows:


Preliminary counselling before your arrival
This includes finding international schools, school bus routes, etc.


Assisting with your transition after your arrival
This includes driver’s license conversion, general registration, purchase or leasing furniture and / or electrical appliances, etc.


Our staff will be available to attend to any personal errands upon your request. I hope that our service will help make your relocation process a pleasant experience for both you and your family.

AI・CREATE,. LTD CEO Tony Imaizumi


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Real Estate Broker License Tokyo(2)No.95947
Services - Real Estate Broker for Foreigners
- Lifeline support for foreigners moving to Tokyo
- Operation and Management of serviced apartments
Group - Zenkokutakuchi tatemonotorihikigyou hosho kyoukai
- Tokyoto takuchitatemono torihikigyou kyoukai


  • About 8 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro "Toranomon Station" Exit 1
  • About 6 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro "Kamiyacho Station" Exit 3
  • About 10 minutes on foot from JR "Shinbashi Station" Karasumori exit


Contact us via phone or e-mail and we will handle your requests.

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