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Popular Neighborhoods chosen by Expats

1.Azabu (Moto-Azabu, Minami-Azabu, Azabu-Juban)

With Roppongi next door, residents can benefit from Roppongi’s multi-cultural festivities all while living in a quite oriented area. Azabu has many restaurants with specialties in Japanese teppan-yaki along with Korean BBQ. Residences mainly consist of foreign families and is well loved due to the English-friendly academies and hospitals nearby.


An area with an already established expat community. One will not feel alone once exploring around the neighborhood. A generally active area around nighttime with many bars and clubs to offer. Many campuses offer free shuttle services to Roppongi.


A more ‘office’ or ‘hotel’ oriented neighborhood with high quality residences. Many activities to explore around the neighborhood, whether it be day or nighttime. Located in the heart of Tokyo, there will be no trouble at all trying to access anywhere in Tokyo.


Located in central Tokyo, Hiroo has an open view with hardly any high rises that block sunlight. This area is great for anyone who owns pets. The neighborhood is rather quiet with a fair amount of families and retired residences. Very easy for expats to settle in due to an international supermarket being located nearby.

5.Yoyogi, Yoyogi Uehara

Another good area for pet owners or families. Yoyogi has one of Tokyo’s largest parks with a western-style vibe. Many people love to gather here and watch street performers put on a good show. Accessing via JR lines should be very easy for commuters.


Neighbors to Omotesando. Aoyama is considered a more sophisticated area with many high achieving institutions or schools. The area may be considered a Tokyo variant of Beverly Hills with brand named stores along with nice local stores and museums to complement the area.

7. Shibuya

An area that is active all day with many locals and tourists visiting. Many youth fashion stores gather here, along with trendy restaurants and parlors. Any residences will have easy access to generally anything they desire.


A quiet residential area offset from Shibuya. Home to many Japanese celebrities and people alike; Naka-Meguro has the same trendy feeling as Shibuya with the peace and quiet of a sub-urban area. Many youth from all over the nation dream of living here due to the easy accessibility and cosy atmosphere. People gather during cherry blossom season as everyone enjoys the beautiful line up along the riverside.


In between Shibuya and Naka-Meguro, this area is home to many high end fashion boutiques. Many embassies reside here due to the stylish and peaceful atmosphere. Residences consist of celebrities and company executives. A great area to enjoy strolling around throughout the day with many eateries to offer.


A highly active area that consists of offices on one side and residences on the other. Most high rise apartments are priced fairly reasonable making this area popular for those who wish to live in a tower without breaking their bank. Easy access for those who frequently use the bullet train for their business trips.


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